Are you a debtor

Have you received a letter stating that a case has been opened at our firm for which at your expense?

With Legal Recovery, you have specific access to your debt recovery records through a secure connection. Furthermore, Legal Recovery also collaborates with numerous lawyers throughout Belgium.

Are you a client

Are you a large company? A public body? An SME?

Legal Recovery offers to manage all of your unpaid bills for you, which is essential for your financial sustainability. With Legal Recovery’s expertise and thanks to its new concept which is unique in Belgium, your debt cases will be managed quickly and efficiently, using a simplified structured procedure.

What is Virteo ?

VIRTEO SA offers computer solutions for service providers in the legal sector, such as lawyers and approved bailiffs. Combining 25 years of experience in software for bailiffs with ultra-modern technology, VIRTEO has developed the Fidiem platform, which offers a complete solution for approved bailiffs and their staff, enabling them to process large volumes of cases accessible remotely through a highly secure interface. Clients and debtors alike also have specific access to their cases through a secure connection.

Fidiem technology

The result of a unique collaboration between Legal Recovery and Virteo, the centralised debt recovery case management and follow-up platform used by Legal Recovery is in fact a customised adaptation of Fidiem technology which takes account of the needs and special features of the structured network of firms which currently form part of Legal Recovery and of the system which Legal Recovery has developed, unique in Belgium, for amicable legal debt recovery.

Fidiem is a web-based application. Ordinary users (approved bailiffs, office employees, etc.) register through a Microsoft Federated Authentication system and their E-ID. Through this, they have highly secure access to the system’s functionalities and to the cases for which they have access rights.

fidiem virteo

Fidiem’s web module is a separate access portal to the same application, although through a different authentication procedure. Through this procedure, third parties such as clients but also debtors have access to certain functionalities and to information regarding the cases in which they are concerned (as client or debtor).
Besides requesting information on cases, clients can also exchange structured messages, upload or download documents, send payments from the firm, request a case to be closed and many other functions.

Debtors can consult their records, the detail of the sums to be paid, the costs and interest and request a simulation of their total debt at a specific date. This makes it easy for them to find out the exact amount due if they can pay on that date.

As an option, the web module can be extended for debtors with the integration of an on-line payment platform. The means of payment accepted (Bancontact, Ideal, PayPal, etc.) can also be selected by the offices of the approved bailiffs concerned.

Fidiem is fully multilingual. This means that the user concerned (client or debtor) sees the screens in their own language, independently of the case language.

Fidiem is fully compliant with Microsoft standards. This has the advantage that users can use it quickly and intuitively. The screens are constructed both logically and in an ordered fashion, so that the user never has to look for certain functionalities or information.

Unified Post clients are already benefiting from a specific interface integrating their recovery cases in Fidiem.

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