Amicable recovery Recovery of amounts remaining due in its broadest sense.(e.g. formal notices, etc.).

Judicial sector Activities which comply with the legal and regulatory provisions in force, applicable to judicial officers.

Our competences Because of its size, common structure and centralised computer management and case monitoring platform, Legal Recovery has the skills to successfully complete any type of assignment in the area of the amicable and legal recovery of debts, drawing up reports or serving any type of document throughout Belgium. Legal Recovery can also serve legal documents worldwide directly by registered post, through local colleagues or foreign authorities.

Our special features The number of judicial officers per legal district is limited and each firm has a radius of activity corresponding to the territory of the province in which it is located. This means, for example, that a judicial officer located in Hainaut cannot serve documents in Antwerp. That judicial officer must therefore approach one of their colleagues to act on their behalf, which clearly makes the entire procedure and its follow-up cumbersome and slow.

Legal Recovery, being a company made up of 20 firms spread over the 12 Belgian legal districts, with its own offices based in Wolvertem, enables this territorial boundary constraint to be removed by centralising the complete management of the case, which is sent out internally to one of the firms located in the legal districts where the document is to be served with a guarantee of the quality of the service provided.

What is more, Legal Recovery uses a case management and follow-up platform which is shared by all the firms. Legal Recovery also collaborates with numerous lawyers throughout Belgium. These various factors guarantee you optimum and simplified processing of all the cases which you entrust to us, regardless of your location and the legal district where the document is to be served.

Our advantages?

Fast processing

A fast processing time for your cases thanks to a simplified administrative procedure.

Better results

A financially better end result with guaranteed quality of the service provided.

Innovative IT department

Integrated IT tools which have an automated follow-up and reporting system for your cases.

Transparent process

A transparent and uniform process throughout Belgium with clear KPIs (key performance indicators).

Everyone benefits

Use of the same data in real time from beginning to end of the process means less work for reconciliation in-house and reduction of costs and number of EFTs.

Optimised client relations

A single contact for a local and professional management of your cases through the 20 firms in the network spread over the 12 Belgian legal districts.