Who is Legal Recovery?

In a few words


Some three years ago, a group of judicial officers decided to create a professional union, called Legal Recovery Group, bringing together judicial officers and applicants judicial officers from various court districts in Belgium. The aim of this professional union was to support, promote and simplify its members’ activities, but also to create a network that aims to optimise collaboration between members for amicable legal recovery procedures as well as transmit cases and assignments to each other.

A methodology based on centralised management of your cases

Following this, 21 members of the professional union decided to form an SCRL (cooperative company with limited liability) called Legal Recovery, with a view to carrying out, optimising and developing the recovery of debts in its widest sense, as well as related activities, in accordance with the legal and statutory provisions in force, particularly those which apply to judicial officers.

A unique concept in Belgium

Legal Recovery is thus a constantly-evolving open structure, unique in Belgium, which has grown from the desire of 20 independent Belgian firms of judicial officers and one applicant judicial officer to combine their forces and ideas and offer you the best service, regardless of your location in Belgium, whether you are an individual, a commercial company or a public body.

Legal Recovery's strength lies in its security and stability

Legal Recovery currently represents 49 judicial officers, 38 applicants judicial officers and nearly 230 specialised staff. Legal Recovery has chosen the SCRL (société coopérative à responsabilité limitée – cooperative company with limited liability) as its legal structure, a meaningful choice for the 21 shareholders who each have an equal holding. The SCRL has its own share capital and a guarantee from the 20 firms of which it is currently composed, in addition to the support of several major Belgian banks, a guarantee of a solid financial base.

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